I live in the Columbia River Gorge, one of the most beautiful places anywhere. My day job is at the local public library. I started writing quite young, and submitted my first story to a magazine when I was 14 years old. Nowadays I write poems, stories, novels, and a little non-fiction. I’m married to fellow writer Kim Antieau. We met at a writer’s workshop quite a few moons ago and got married a year later. We’ve been deliriously happy for many years now. My advice to any would be writers: Don’t do it! It’s a crazy life. But if you absolutely must enter this nutty profession, here’s three things that just might help you out: 1. Write regularly (every day is good). 2. Read constantly. 3. Get a job. Seriously.


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Fantasy Life

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The Last Giant

Love Life


Terrastina and Mazolli

Short Stories


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“Painting with Needle and Thread” Ruralite, September 1996

“Master Gardening” Ruralite, August 1996

“Home Sweet Home” Ruralite, July 1996

“Putting Timber Valley on the Map” Ruralite, June 1996

“Tradition” Ruralite, May 1996

“History” Ruralite, April 1996

“Memories and Wildflowers” Ruralite, March 1996

“Martha and Stetson” Ruralite, February 1995 • Reprinted: Ruralite, October 1996

“Renewed Spirit Brings Artist Back” Ruralite, January 1996

“Hairy Cows” Ruralite, December 1995

“Getting the Job Done” Ruralite, November 1995

“Past, Present and Future” Ruralite, October 1995

“Home Sweet Home” Ruralite, September 1995 • Reprinted: Ruralite, April 1996, as “Joseph Drohan’s Houses are for the Birds” abridged

“Answering a Divine Calling” Ruralite, July 1995

“A Noteworthy Obsession” Ruralite, June 1995

“Picnicking With the Pioneers” Ruralite, May 1995

“Pete Graves Sings His Tales” Ruralite, April 1995

“Bingen’s Bike Man Fixeth” Ruralite, March 1995

“Making Fantasy a Reality” Ruralite, February 1995

“Running the River” Ruralite, January 1995

“Making a Difference in the Northwest” Ruralite, December 1994

“Here Comes Mrs. Horsepower” Ruralite, November 1994

“Center Stage in Trout Lake” Ruralite, October 1994 • Reprinted: Ruralite, January 1997, as “Off, Off, Off, Broadway”

“Stewards of Nature” Ruralite, September 1994 • Reprinted: Ruralite, June 1995 as “Where Children and Horses Come Together” abridged

“Ready at a Moment’s Notice When Disaster Strikes” Ruralite, August 1994

“Sandy Thomson is Ready to Play Some Golf” Ruralite, August 1994

“Making Drawing Come to Life” Ruralite, July 1994

“Author Profile: Kim Antieau” Tangent, May/Jun 1994

“Gadget Man” Ruralite, June 1994

“Carving the Rock of Ages” Ruralite, May 1994

“Up to His Neck in Ties” Ruralite, April 1994 • Reprinted: Ruralite, June 1996, as “Collecting Bug has Michael Lamoreaux by the Neck”

“The Art of the Blade” Ruralite, March 1994

“Down to Earth” Ruralite, February 1994

“I Learned to Feel the Air” Yakama Nation Review, January 28, 1994 • Reprinted: The White Salmon Enterprise, March 10, 1994, as “Palmer Perceives a Celilo II”

“Whoop-n-Holler Museum” Ruralite, January 1994 • Reprinted: Ruralite, November 1994, as “Something to Whoop and Holler About”

“A Testament to Time” Ruralite, December 1993

“Potter” Ruralite, November 1993

“Power to the People: The Early Years of the PUD in Klickitat County” Ruralite, October 1993

“Mission with Vision” Ruralite, September 1993

“Cultivating the Power of the Wind” Ruralite, September 1993

“Guardians of the Past” Ruralite, August 1993

“Dennis and Bonnie’s Labor of Love” Ruralite, July 1993

“Mary’s Masterpieces” Ruralite, June 1993

“Forward Into the Past” Ruralite, May 1993

“Life Work” Ruralite, April 1993• Reprinted: Ruralite, April 1994, as “Capturing a Way of Life”

“Living With Leprechauns” Ruralite, March 1993

“Sam Hill’s Gift” Ruralite, February 1993

“Happy to Live in the Past” Ruralite, January 1993

“He’s Been Workin’ On the Railroad” Ruralite, November 1992

“Odyssey of the Mind” Ruralite, October 1992

“The Wizard of Wood” Ruralite, September 1992

“Big Fans of Little Horses” Ruralite, August 1992 • Reprinted: Ruralite, September 1992 as “Small Packages for Big Dreams” abridged

“Singing of Changes” Ruralite, July 1992

“Cold Wind, Hard Land, Tough Tree” Ruralite, June 1992

“The Accidental Artist” Ruralite, May 1992

“The Hoisingtons’ Llovely Llamas” Ruralite, April 1992

“A Musical Vision” Ruralite, March 1992

“Friends are the Frosting on the Cake” Ruralite, February 1992

“Curt Olson, Musher” Ruralite, January 1992

“Wayne Byers’ Brooms” Ruralite, December 1991

“Jack’s Animal Crackers” Ruralite, November 1991

“Blue Heron Environmental Center” Ruralite, October 1991

“Willem is a Wonder” Ruralite, September 1991

“Time Machine” Ruralite, August 1991

“Rachel Gunkel: Still Playing with Mud” Ruralite, July 1991

“Chuck’s Wood Shop” Ruralite, June 1991

“A Couple of Wayside Journalists” Ruralite, May 1991

“John Blake Knows Bread” Ruralite, April 1991 • Reprinted: Ruralite, October 1997, as “No Two Loaves Alike”

“Windward Foundation ‘A Family of Choice'” Ruralite, March 1991

“Outstanding Art” Ruralite, February 1991

“For the Love of Plants” Ruralite, January 1991
“Writing Lifeline” Ruralite, December 1990

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