15 Strange Tales of Crime and Mystery

Green Snake Publishing just released my latest collection of short stories and I couldn’t be more pleased. The book has brand new stories that have never been published anywhere, as well some favorites reprinted from places like Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine and Fiction River. That’s me on the cover, heading towards some nefarious rendezvous. Photo by Kim. Here’s the blurb:

Crime knows no bounds. Past, future, present, all host wrongdoers of every stripe.

Mario Milosevic spins 15 yarns of crimes dire and humorous, cosmic and ordinary. Imagine the moon stolen—in three different ways. Consider the nice old man in the assisted living facility who harbors a cruel secret. Then tumble back through time as an aging warrior confronts visitors with a menacing intent. Cross the centuries to a future of evildoers aboard a starship bound for the end of the universe. Watch as a visitor from beyond the grave works his dark magic on an unsuspecting victim.

All this and more in a collection exploring the frightening and endlessly inventive ways humans find to do each other wrong.

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