What I learned from having my book turned into an audio book

Recently I contracted with a very talented narrator, Caroline Miller, to do an audio edition of my book Terrastina and Mazolli: A Novel in 99-Word Episodes.

T & M is a very dear book to me. I love the characters and their story and so do a lot of my readers. Everyone who reads the book invariably says they love it. It’s one of Kim’s favorite books ever.

I didn’t think it was possible, but now I love the book even more. Caroline made Terrastina, Mazolli, and their twins come to life. I loved hearing them talk in someone else’s voice and I loved how the words I had written seemed new and even more full of life than they did on the printed page or the pixilated screen.

When the twins flew over the Antarctic in their couch-cushion plane, I was there. When Terrastina and Mazolli brewed their java in their coffee shop, I could smell it. When Mazolli cracked his lame jokes, I heard the twins groan. I was spellbound by the whole book.

The experience was so fun that I’ve found other narrators and am getting all my books out on audio. Watch for them here.

Terrastina and Mazolli is available in audio through Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Go to this page and follow the links to get your copy.


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