I Used to Believe

When I was very young I thought the phone company could tell when you had too much going on in your house to answer the phone. That’s when they sent a busy signal to whoever was trying to call you. I also believed that clouds came from the smokestacks at the smelter near the Northern Ontario mining town where I grew up. I saw them pushing out great billows of white every day. They were clouds; it was so obvious. Another childhood belief was that curse words were a private language that only kids knew. I had heard all the swear words in existence by the time I was seven just by paying attention in the school yard at recess. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that adults knew all of our words and even used them in conversation!

I’m sure you have childhood beliefs similar to these. I used to Believe is an entertaining site in which readers post their own strange and charming beliefs. I visit it periodically just for the smile it invariably gives me.

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