My Life's Work (so far)

Click on the “Other Writing” tab at the top of the page and you’ll find a list of all my published short stories, poems, articles, and reviews. Also links to my previous blogs. I put this together yesterday. It was strange going through my files looking for all these items. Many many pieces I have no memory of writing at all. Also don’t remember submitting them or getting the acceptance or receiving the copy of the publication, even though all those thing had to happen for me to have the finished product in my hand. Some of them made me wince with how, ahem, substandard they were, but, thankfully, not too many.

I’m not even sure why I went to the trouble of assembling this list, except that as I was typing in the names of all those journals and all those titles I felt really good. Maybe that is reason enough.

Eventually I’ll put up a list of my books under the appropriate tab, and at some point I’ll post some of those old poems and stories and maybe even annotate the list with some personal reminiscences. Stay tuned.

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