Notebook 2

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I’m deep into the research and writing of my newest novel, 2D, and at the same time I’m revising another novel, Art Saves Lives, in preparation for sending it out to agents for consideration. All of which leaves little time for blogging, but I thought I’d wander through some of my old notebooks and throw up a few possibly interesting tidbits.

Here’s a first attempt at a poem, back when I was doing a poem a day:

31 Jan 00

Course Correction

A Horde of Recalls
When will
If the past lives

The past
accumulates like coins
dropped coins in a penny jar,
each memory marked
marked with a date
and nudged up to
an adjacent memories
from different years.
You put your hand
in the jar and feel the
and feel the cool
hard past history
of your life
into countless coins up
jostling round stories
Some some bright and new
others weatherd and old.

I’m reminded of my sausage comment of a few days ago. This has one pretty good image, but it’s weighed down with a lot of ordinary phrases. I think when I revised it later I pared it down to just a few lines. My instinct is usually for minimilism. Often, the less you say, the more likely you’re saying something worth saying.

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