Story Challenge #14: “The Crying Stone”

This week’s challenge story is a little early because I’m going to be on the road on the day I usually write them. No matter. I got up at 5 this morning and dove into this piece about a sentient gargoyle. It was inspired by a photo of Kim’s, which I ended up using for the cover. I wrote the story in about 3 hours and it came to about 3500 words. As usual, it’ll be free under the free button at the top, until I write the next story in the challenge.

The rest of the day, after I finished the story, Kim and I spent outside. We went to a botanical garden here in Tucson, and lounged by the pool later. We might go out to dinner tonight, then maybe a movie. In a few days we’ll be heading back to the Pacific Northwest. Will be quite a shock after the desert.

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