"The Untied States of America"

That’s not a typo in the title. I really do have a story called “The Untied States of America” and it’s in the current issue of Interzone, the cool magazine that’s been the standard bearer of sf and fantasy short fiction in the U.K. for many years. I am seriously chuffed that they have published me. My story concerns what happens when the good ol’ U S of A literally breaks apart along state lines and all fifty states end up floating freely in the ocean. No, in fact, I don’t know where I get my crazy ideas.

I googled the title, looking for early reviews of my story, (yes, writers do that, even though we’re not supposed to) and, wow, I discovered that phrase must be one of the most common typos out there. I could not believe how many times people type “untied” when they mean to type “united.” Not exactly an earth shaking discovery, but still, kind of interesting.

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