Hello to my faithful readers from “Conditional Reality,” “Marcel et Moi,” and “Terrastina and mazolli.” I have decided to consolidate all my blogging activities here. I’ll leave my other blogs up for historical and archival purposes, but I don’t expect to add anything more to them.

My current project is a novel about a couple of high school kids who fall into Flatland. Working title: 2D. I’m still in the planning stages, working through characters, plot points, and situations. In addition, I have two other novels that have been written and revised once each. Art Saves Lives is a near future tale about a family who is torn apart when they display what the government calls subversive pictures in their art gallery. The Last Giant is a fantasy tale about a valley inhabited by small people who are cared for by a community of giants who live in the hills overlooking the valley.

I’m not exactly sure what to do with these books now. I seem to have a psychological issue with reading them again. I think they may not be any good, and that’s blocking me from doing any work on them. It’s a problem that has plagued me all my writiting life. I’m great with putting in the daily stint of writing, but when I have a finished manuscript that needs rvising, I often freeze up. Maybe talking about it here will help me get past that.

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