Story Challenge #4: The Spirit in the Ink

Got up about 7 and spent the morning with Kim before she went to Portland for a workshop for the day. After she left I muddled around with some ideas, but nothing much was coming to me. I had no inspiration for a story at all. Nada. Zippo. I remember this from my poetry writing days. Some days it seems that there’s nothing with which to make a poem or a story. I suppose I could have just let the writing go for today, but I didn’t want to do that. I was committed to this challenge, so I was going to find a way. I browsed through looking for an illustration that might jump start me. Found one that struck my fancy, a profile of a person fading off into oblivion. Hmmm. Something there. Made me think of loss and illusion. Good themes for a story, right? Right. Then I looked through some story fragments I had lying around on my hard drive. Found a pretty good 500-word beginning about a tattoo artist in Portland. I read it over a couple of times, just to get the feel of the character and his milieu, and I was off. Spent the next three hours writing the story. Took a break every hour to walk around, drink some water, and get ready for the next hour. Finished the story about 1 p.m. Went outside for a walk and came back and read the story over, gave it a title, and printed it out for Kim to read. When she got home I finished making dinner and she read the story and gave her opinion. I fixed the booboos she found and published it. About 3600 words total, 3100 of them new today. Total time, including looking for inspiration, writing the story, proofing the story, formatting and publishing the story: about 6 hours. A good day.

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