Story Challenge #5: The Corrosive Properties of Dream States

The title of this one came first. I thought it up as I was falling asleep Saturday night. I liked the sound of it and how it evoked an image of caustic dreams. Got up Sunday morning and just plunged into the story. I thought of time travel and a 12 year old girl and her relationship with her mother and deceased father somehow gurgled up from my sub conscious brain. I wrote steadily for four hours and finished the story about 11 in the morning. Broke for lunch and to do the dishes. Found a good picture on Dreamstime of the earth rusting away and put the cover together. I spell-checked the thing, read it over twice, gave it to Kim for her fixes and posted it in the afternoon. Total time, including writing, doing the cover, and publishing it to the ebook sites: about 6 hours. It came to a little over 5,000 words.

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